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TPI 296 true RMS clamp meter


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TPI 296 true RMS clamp meter

TPI model 296 True RMS Clamp Meter With Harmonics Feature. True RMS for accurate readings of non-linear loads.
HDR Mode - Displays harmonic distortion ratio on ACV and ACA at line voltage and 60Hz. Determine if signal clean or distorted.
Trim Mode - Averages readings for more stable output to display. Peak Hold - Measures in-rush current of motors. Relays and solonoids. Min. max and average recordings. Measures frequency of current while simultaneously displays current level on bar graph display.
Data hold. Sleep mode. Three year warranty. Soft pouch included.
DCV: 750V. 3 Ranges. 0.75% Accuracy
ACV: 750V. 3 Ranges
AC Current: 700 Amp. 3 Ranges
DC Current: 700 Amp. 2 Ranges
Resistance: 40K. 3 ranges
Frequency: 10KHz. 2 Ranges