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Wholesale Electronics Privacy Policy

Wholesale Electronics Inc. does not publicly share customer information.

We do provide customer information, email address and physical address and phone number to United Parcel Service, Federal Express and the United Sates Post Office.

Wholesale Electronics employs a third party shopping cart service, Virtual Cart, which is fully PCI Compliant.  Customers are also given the option of using PayPal for their payment.  Both of these services have record of customer information.

Wholesale Electronics publishes a monthly newsletter and distributes it to our customers via email.  The heading of this correspondence provides a link and instruction for those who wish to opt out of that mailing list.  Also provided is our address and toll-free number.  The publication is in compliance with all U.S. laws regarding email marketing.

Wholesale Electronics takes our customers privacy seriously.  We never store customer data on servers that are open to the public.

Wholesale Electronics is a full-line Electronic Parts and Electronics Supply Distributor located in Mitchell, SD and in business since 1976 serving Retailers, Consumers, Industry, Manufacturers, Schools and Government Agencies.

Our On-line store is open for business 24 hours a day. You can reach us via phone between 8:00am and 5:00pm Central time, toll free @ 800.351.2233 or via email at wei@weisd.com . You can also take advantage of our On-line support by clicking the link above or on any of our product pages.

Tork DWZ100B Electronic Timer Astronomic Programmable 1 or 2 ch...
Tork DWZ100B Electronic Timer Astronomic Programmable 1 or 2 ch...