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Transtector Surge and Lightning Protection

Keeping Your Power On Line

Transtector Systems provides a complete approach for the protection of communications systems and critical electronics from lightning and power anomalies. Our product offering includes AC, DC, high speed data and signal protection, EMP | EMI filters, power conditioners, UPS and power distribution units, as well as accredited educational courses and consulting. 

Transtector from Wholesale Electronics
Transtector DC Edge Rack Mount PDU I2R Series Protectors 480 VAC Protectors
CCTV Surge Protector 120 VAC Protectors Transtector Apex
Ethernet Surge Protectors 120/208 VAC Protectors Plug-In Surge Protection
12 Vdc Surge Suppression 120/240 VAC Protectors Hard Wired Surge Protection
24 Vdc Surge Suppression 230 VAC Protectors Rack Mount Surge Protection
48 Vdc Surge Suppression 240 VAC Protectors  
Outdoor DC Protectors 277 VAC Protectors  
Din Rail Mount DC Protectors 277/480 VAC Protectors  
Transtector Surge Protection by Family
ACP Series DPS Series Imax Series MCP Series RMP Series SL Series
APEX Series DR Series I2R Series OP8 Series SDA Series SuperHy Series
PolyPhaser RF Lightning Protection by Family
PolyPhaser TSX PolyPhaser GX Series PolyPhaser IS-50 Series PolyPhaser DAS Series PolyPhaser Ultra Low PIM
PolyPhaser GXJ Bias-T PolyPhaser SX Series PolyPhaser HF Series PolyPhaser 75 Ohm
PolyPhaser Gas Tube PolyPhaser B50 Series PolyPhaser NEMP Series PolyPhaser RGT Series Grounding & Assy's
For over forty years, Transtector Systems' reputation has been built on taking a systems-wide approach to each protection scenario offering a broad range of products with patented technologies designed to keep your power on line.
Transtector Surge Protection
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